Her sense of fun is evident in many of her pieces and it is always difficult to select only a few of the stunning array of jewels that she creates. I am usually tempted to take them all home!

I had an idea in mind and Fehmida was able to make the finished product even better than what I had envisioned!

I cannot praise the finish, the attention to detail and design enough, not to mention the great customer service from start to finish.

She truly brings art to life with her jewellry, keeping functionality and durability at the forefront!

Fehmida’s Jewellery is beautifully designed and made to a very high standard. It is always a pleasure to wear!

I have the pleasure of having several peices of jewellery from Fehmida’s collection, and have travelled round the world with it….not wanting to leave it behind.

Fehmida has a remarkable way of bringing tradition, glamour and drama to each piece without shadowing the personality of the wearer

Each piece is a show stopper!

The appeal and attraction of Fehmida’s jewellery lies in her ability to always make the wearer feel special when they wear her pieces

Her jewellery is the reflection of her –  the epitome of elegance

Fehmida has an unerring eye for the best stones and is incredibly skilled at mixing traditional designs with contemporary fashion.