With her roots in Burma, Fehmida Lakhany has always had a strong sentimental attachment to her mother’s birthplace, Rangoon.

Raised in a family intertwined with the jewellery industry, Fehmida developed a strong passion for stones at an early age. Her frequent travels to the Far East and experiences amidst some the most skilled craftsmen of fine jewellery in the world, have allowed her to build a strong understanding of the journey taken by precious stones to ultimately adorn their destined wearer. indoctum.


“My designs are influenced by my ethos, to capture the ultimate elegance and poise of today’s contemporary woman – and what better way than to lavish a lady than with diamonds!”

Every woman desires to indulge into a world of luxury and practicality and this aspiration is reflected in Fehmida’s jewellery collections. She strives to remove the stigma around fine jewellery, and encourages her clients to avoid confining her jewellery to special occasions and instead enjoys seeing her pieces worn every day – “There’s nothing wrong in dressing up jeans with a cocktail ring or diamond earrings!”


“When I play with gemstones I seek to create designs that bring to life the unique characteristics of each stone and recreate them into an object of desire and beauty.”

Each stone has been handpicked by Fehmida herself, and represents a fond memory in her life, and she wants her wearer to create their own memories through her unique pieces. The marriage of her delicate designs with striking precious and semi-precious stones epitomise her vision – to celebrate the sensuality, strength and elegance of women today.


For Fehmida inspiration emanates from the natural world that surrounds her. She is a firm believer that the simplicity of nature plays a vital role in our creative expression. Nature’s beauty and power is ingrained in our lives, our culture and in Fehmida’s collections.


Fehmida Lakhany is best described as a high-end jewellery brand synonymous with only the finest craftsmanship, design and quality. Over the past 16 years the label has established and maintained a firm base in London where her designs are renown for being a fusion of classic and contemporary periods that transcend past trends. Growing in strength, Fehmida herself takes great pride in saying that the sparkle of her stones shine worldwide, as her label extends to cities as far ranging as New York and Dubai.